What are the Benefits of Kneeling Chairs?

The ergonomic kneeling chair is the chair that provides the ergonomical posture of the body while sitting.
The way of sitting increases the angle between the thighs and the torso ,the pelvis is bent forward and the thighs are located under the hips.
The lower legs provide the second point of contact, so that body can’t slide forward from the chair. The sitting position encourages the proper spine posture.
Body posture in this chair is different than sitting on a traditional chair.
By venting the pelvis forward and by lowering the knees in relation to the hips, the spine is encouraged to adopt the correct position, just like when we stand.

That means that the weight and pressure of the upper part of the body is reduced through the seat and legs, so that the spinal discs are not in the proximal shape and the muscle don’t need a great strength to maintain and upright position.
The pressure on the lumbar spine disc is reduced to only 35% when sitting in this kneeling position .
This position also provides the better blood flow to the spinal discs,wich can significantly delay the spinal degeneration process.

Despite of the name,knees don’t bear weight of the body.
Instead of that, the weight is distributed between the back, thighs and knees and it is not only in the lower part of the back ,as in the case of traditional chair.
As a results, compressive forces are acting on spine when sitting in this chair,as well a back back pain is minimal.
The Ergonomic kneeling is also good for pregnant women, especially in the later stages of pregnancy ,because of reduced pressure the uterus ,because the angle between the body and the thighs increased.
The ergonomic kneeling chair is know by many other names: Yoga chair , knee chair, condition chair, sit – kneel chair etc.

Improved activity of internal organs
Inclined pelvis while sitting on ergonomic kneeling chair not only provides proper spine and body position , but also improves breathing, the circulation and digestion.
By pulling the shoulders backwards and by moving the chest forward, the lung capacity increases the pressure on the heart is lower,so the blood circulation is increased.
The internal abdominal organs also suffer when the spine isn’t in the right position and therefore digestion is also improved.

Reduced tension in muscles,joints and revives
The proper posture and the proper position of the spine while sitting on the Ergonomic kneeling chair distributed the body weight between the parts of musculoskeletal system and it reduces pressure and pain in any moment.
The Ergonomic kneeling chair reduces muscle tension and therefore it reduces the risk of spinal injury as it sits on it.

Improved concentration and performance
Bad posture while working ca lead to fatigue ,loss of productivity ,headache ,the worsening of existing back injury.
With improved body holding, spinal correction,imroved seating comfort, ergonomic kneeling chair stimulates better concentration and productivity throughout the day.


Working environment
The ergonomic kneeling chair gives a comfortable position ,for a float spine by it’s various settings.
Although the use of this chair began with those who suffer from back problems, today it’s​ used by all kind of people in all type of jobs and in all environments.
The ergonomic kneeling chair is suitable for adults, teenagers and the children , at home and at office.They are perfect for pregnant women because they increase the angle between the torso and thighs ,and for those who have problems other back ,hips, prostate or other minor torso problems.

The Ergonomic kneeling chair is the perfect combination of ergonomic and elegance whether it is the office or home environment.
This is ideal for those with back problems and poor posture ,hips,prostate or other problems caused by use of a traditional chair.
Also a kneeling- seating position provides your diaphragm to move freely and thus is improving breathing and blood circulation.
In return ,you will get increased energy and concentration and you will feel healthier.
Long-term use will inventably shrengthen your back muscles.
Ergonomic kneeling chair his your winning combination for your good attitude, good health of your organs and the bone-muscle system.

Ease Of Use
Kneeling chairs are designed with ease of use in mind. Set on castor wheels, these chairs can be manoeuvred around the office space, and moved under most desks when not in use to minimize clutter. In addition, you can position yourself as close to the desk as needed without being restricted by arm rests.

Kneeling chairs come with different levels of adjustability, so each individual can find their optimum sitting position. Kneeling chairs are initially fixed at the optimum seating position, and then remain at this position, so there is no fiddling with multiple levers and knobs throughout the day. In addition, you don’t have to lift your body out of the chair when getting up, as with conventional chairs. Just put your feet on the floor and walk out of the chair from a half-standing position.

Increased Core Strength
Continued use of kneeling chairs increases muscle strength in the abdominals and back. These muscles are engaged subtly when sitting in a kneeling chair as there is no back rest to rely on. This is evident in third world countries where many people, who do not use chairs, have retained the ability to sit upright without back support. These internal muscles of the pelvis and torso cannot be effectively toned by gym workouts, but only by sitting autonomously

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