About ergonomics

About ergonomics

Kneeling chair is THE ERGONOMIC CHAIR

The ergonomics is the field that studies the posture of the body in wich people stand or sit. The ergonomics is science discipline ( the science of work) that has a task to research human organism and behavior ,and to provide the information about flexibility of objects that gets in touch with.
Therefore, the ergonomics studies anatomical, physiological and other parameters of human body.
This is not the independent science, because it use the data of all other disciplines that studies human being ( medicine, psychology, mathematics, optics, acoustics,etc.).
The ergonomics provides high-quality work, it increases productivity, it redue the occupational diseases and it increases the efficiency and safety of the use of the object.
The ergonomics must have the strongest connection with construction and the technical design of the product (on one side) and the design (on the other side).
Design can’t change the man, but trough the ergonomics he founds out the facts that he needs.
It is precisely ergonomics that enables the designer to adjust or change the object according to the best combination for a man.
The ideal situation would be that the design of some device should start from a man, bu most often is the other way around.
Therefore it important to notice that the design is shaped for the people,based on final user data.
Ergonomicly designed kneeling chair , precisely because of its design,reduces the injuries and tension of the muscle groups,wich participate in actions such as sitting on a chair.
Normal chairs have tendency to keep the body in unpproper posture during sitting,wich can be lead to deformation or back injury when it should be seated for a long time.
The kneeling chair is designed to imitate the posture of the body as it stands.
This position can be achieved by moving the seat forward by about 30 degrees.

The inclined seat give the result that the spine is found in so-called ’’neutral’’ position,or when it’s in a similar position as we are while standing.
The part of the chair on wich knees rely ,prevents the knees to slide forward reducing the pressure on the lower back and hips.
The legs are located below the body ,and the lower legs under the hips,so the weight is distributed between the hips and the lower legs.
For those who have the constant back pain ,a kneeling chair can be of a great help.
If it’s difficult to secure a kneeling char whenever we sit,we could use a kneeling chair whenever we sit,we culd use a kneeling chair a part of the day and the other part of the day we can use standard work chair.
Even if we only sit on kneeling chair for only a part of the day, it will help us to get rid of the inconvenience for our body caused by a traditional chair.
Many companies have introduced chairs into their offices to reduce a number of absent workers due the back pain.
The kneeling chair encourages the good posture,wich improves the general health.
With it’s ergonomic design it gives the natural and proper position of the body while sitting and that relieves pressure on the neck, shoulders and lumbar spine.
The kneeling chair is often called ’’ THE POSTURE OF THE BODY ” chair . This is because of her unique design and because it encourages a good posture of the body.
The creation of the kneeling chair
In the late seventies Norwegian scientist Peter Opsvik designed a kneeling chair using the advantages of a biochemical fall of butane in relations to the spine.
The muscular effort and the sacral forces of the lumba spine are in the back-forward and right-left balance when the things are in open position and even more when the legs are in open position.

The best way to use the kneeling chair

For the most of the users, the kneeling-seat position implies adopting a ’’new’’ movement.
The muscles that have not been engaged in sitting in a traditional chair are now active,so it can be felt slight stiffness while using the kneeling chair .
Some people need an adaption period (from one to two months) not only for the muscles ,but also for the use of the chair itself.
No one should stay in the same position for a long time no matter wich design of the chair is used.
He is always desirable to change the position.
The kneeling chair provides many different seating positions.You can sit with both of the legs with knees leaning to the pillow ,or just one leg supported and the other outstretched ,or both of the legs outstretched .
When you are using the knees you can regulate the pressure on shins by moving the seats up or down,etc.
– While sitting on a kneeling chair,the pillow under the knees is only there to provide the support for the shins.
– This is the intention of such a chair design.
– One of the most common mistakes is that most of the people use the knees ,while sitting on the chair!
– Always, first sit on the seat and then with on or both knees on the pillow.
– Most of your body weight should still be supported by the seat surface.You shift part of the weight by legs and shins on the pillow,Wichita a welcome relief for the change.
– While you’re sitting on a chair, your body weight will be devided in three points ( bones and two legs).
Comfortable seating is an individual experience.There is no such a thing as ’’the best“ , ’’ perfect“ or ’’ the most comfortable chair”. The individual differences ,the environment and the sense of sitting body posture and important factors for a propper am comfortable sitting.
Creating the habit of sitting in different positions is supported by most of the ergonomic experts .Movement is the key of reducing of fisical stress while sitting. There is no better sitting posture and the kneeling chair is the closest to that definition..

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